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October 25, 2007


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Have missed your posts and am glad to see you are back! :-)

La Tanguera

Same here!!! Good to see you back.


13 April 2011 | 4:10 am "Cherie... this post lets me see levels of tango eietuqtte that help me personally, and also will help with my Tango Etiquette Page of my blog. I got the idea of writing up a tango eietuqtte for an organizer who lost LOTS of business when he insisted on no jeans and t-shirts! Now, he has a link to my blog each week. I hope that helps the lack of manners we have locally! The other thing, Cherie... that you might not know this, but your blog is a conduit to lots of other blogs. Your blog, I learned, was the referring site 432 times since May -- more than any other referring URL. So thanks! Your openness and willingness to share has brought a lot of good to everyone who loves tango."

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