Tango videos of the week: June 13th 2023

Great tango watches from around the web, to feed your addiction when you can't be at the milonga.

Tango videos of the week: June 13th 2023


This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly series of great watching from around the tango web and social media. Find incredible dance inspiration by signing up (for free) to get this weekly in your in-box.

And do let me know what you think.

Let's kick off with a couple of inspiring performances:



Learn from home…

Navigate your ochos:

And Mina & Giraldo, who started me on my tango journey 20 years ago, have a great (but unembedable) video about giros.

Tango Culture

45 minutes of entertaining discussion about blame in dance.

Promos & Events

Tree City Tango looks like a lovely event…

A rather unique take on Tango on the Thames:

And this looks like a fantastic show in Paris:

And what a moment from London Tango Week:

A screenshot of a London Tango Week tweet
Check out the video


YouTube's new Shorts format is a great format for little snatches of dance. Here's a few to enjoy:

And finally… it take three to tango?

The unembeddables

Videos from YouTube accounts whose setting don't allow embedding, that it's worth clicking through to see…